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Brooklyn BAM sneakers by Rekanize.

Who are you?

What do you represent?




Your inner wolf will lead you to greatness.

Rekanize your potential.

#Rekanize you determine your worth.



We believe if you tap into your inner wolf, he/she will guide you to level up into a fearless, strong, and motivated person. Understand you can make your dreams a reality. Design your own opportunities.


Song Title: Clientele Gmixx

Music by: @drngmusic

DRNG Music™ / G. Mercer



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Introducing BKLYN BAM, our latest creation.

Styled with the true Brooklynite in mind, this sneaker possesses a distinct go-getter attitude infused with a Brooklyn all day mentality.


Features include:

  1. Leather upper python pattern

  2. White patent leather embossed lettering

  3. Silver chrome sole

  4. Padded ankles

  5. Silver chromed out Rekanize wolf logo inside the tongue

  6. Black cotton laces


Limited Edition and on sale only until the end of December 2020.

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Check out our BKLYN BAM commercial below.

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This shows images of a shirt poorly printed by Printful and one printed by Spreadshirt. Needless to say we won't be using Printful again. We have spoken to many other people that have the same history with them. The thing is they are not printing it themselves. They are using a drop shipping company instead. So Printful doesn't see the products that are sent to the customer. The Printful print is on a Gildan black cotton shirt. The Spreadshirt print is on a Hanes black cotton shirt.

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